VDP Protect rollers

The VDP protect roller protects your HD hose at the bottom of the well.

Suitable for: 1 ", 1¼", 1½ "


VDP Put role feed guide roller

VDP Put role feed guide roller is made to guide your HD hose through the well with ease.

Suitable for: top of the well


VDP Protect universal

VDP Protect universal protects your HD hose

Suitable for: top and front of the well


VDP Protect

VDP Protect protects your HD hose from the sharp edges of the well.

Suitable for: ½ ", ¾", ⅝ ”and 1"


VDP Suction Venturi

VDP suction venturi is provided with 7 meter hose. Ideal for emptying basements, drains and wells. This without using a vacuum pump.

Suitable for: Any HD machine

Granaatkop 1"

Artikelnummer: 96-00-09

Granaatkop 1/2"

Artikelnummer: 96-00-10

Roterende spuitkop 1/2"

Gehard staal

Artikelnummer: 96-00-13

Spitskantige spuitkop 1/2"

Artikelnummer: 96-00-11

Aquadrill / Tornado 1/2"

Verschillende capaciteiten leverbaar

Zandschoen 1/2"

Artikelnummer: 96-00-19

Voorstraalkop 1/2"

Artikelnummer: 96-00-12

Standaard spuitkop 1/2"

Open / Blind

Verschillende capaciteiten leverbaar

Spiderset 1/2" 

Inclusief geleider

Artikelnummer: 96-00-18


Artikelnummer: 96-00-00


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